Call for papers for a Panel at NeMLA 2018: "Bodies in transit. Exploring Borderlands in Hispanic Science Fiction World"

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2017
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The Catholic University of America
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In the last decades, acts of globalization –a product of the late capitalism in the so called first world– have spread simulacra of wealth and wellness everywhere. As a consequence, people from the peripheries embark on the diaspora to reach a better future, and need to overcome all kinds of struggles. Thus, frontiers, the cornerstone of geopolitics, play a crucial role in the control of migratory movements. In this state of affairs, there is a growing number of writers and artists who embrace the genre of science fiction to articulate experiences of displacement, marginalization or resistance, as well as to interrogate the very nature of borderlands. This panel seeks to explore how borders are represented in literary and cultural works of contemporary Hispanic science fiction field. It aims to address questions such as: do borders represent liminal spaces? Do they serve as a board game for political purposes? Are they rigid, physical walls? Or, by the contrary, are they a porous weave through which bodies circulate? Do they mean a boundary itself for the invisible to become visible? In addition, this session pursues to discuss how, by means of the science fiction genre, writers and artists allegorize the immigration flow, and build meaningful utopias and dystopias as a response to the challenges and inequalities the globalization entails.

We want to invite participants presenting on Hispanic Literature, Theatre, Films or Graphic Novel related to this topic. Papers will be accepted in both: English or Spanish. Please note that in order to send submissions participants must be registered on the NeMLA Conference's website: