ACLA seminar: Teaching Race in the 21st Century: Anti-Racist Pedagogies in Literary, Media, and Performance Studies (paper proposals due by September 21)

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September 21, 2017
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ACLA Conference 2018 (March 29-April 1), University of California, Los Angeles, CA
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ACLA Seminar: Teaching Race in the 21st Century: Anti-Racist Pedagogies in Literary, Media, and Performance Studies


ACLA Annual Meeting (March 29-April 1, 2018)
University of California, Los Angeles, CA


Seminar Description:

This seminar examines critical race pedagogy (CRP) and its relevance to the teaching of non-western, non-Eurocentric, and non-white cultural productions in US college classrooms in the current historical moment. CRP focuses on the intersections of critical pedagogy (Freire, Giroux, McLaren, hooks) and critical race theory (Bell, Freeman, Matsuda, Lawrence, Crenshaw, Delgado) to theorize the complex relationship between race and education, and in turn offer intersectional, anti-racist methodologies for teaching and research. For instance, CRP centers critical race counterstories—narratives of lived experience by communities of color—to challenge majoritarian narratives (Bell, Delgado, Solorzano & Yosso, Jennings & Lynn). CRP also emphasizes the need to understand racism within educational institutions and to recognize how “teachers and students of color" negotiate "power and identity” across the intersecting axes of race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. (Jennings & Lynn). While CRP has primarily focused on students of color, a growing body of scholarships is beginning to examine unconscious biases, prejudices, etc. that educators of color experience in and beyond the college classroom (Muhs, Niemann, González & Harris, Smith & Hawkins, Reid, Guerrero, et al).

This seminar will generate discussion around the following questions:

  • How can educators in literary/media/performance studies engage with critical race theories and methodologies (e.g. race as a social construct, racism as structural oppression, critical race counterstories, intersectionality, etc.)?
  • What makes cultural productions by communities of color important sites of CRP? Particularly, how may the narrative, affective, and embodied aspects of these texts enable critical thinking about race, racism, and social justice?
  • What challenges do educators, especially faculty of color, experience while teaching race and racism in predominantly white spaces?
  • How can CRP be adapted to the specific contexts of place, student population, etc.?
  • How can educators and administrators become self-reflexive about their positionalities as well as the practices of and the tensions underpinning anti-racist pedagogies and curriculum-building in their institutions?

In addition, paper topics may include but are not limited to:

  • border-writing, accented cinema, resistance literature, third cinema, Indigenous media, Hip Hop, spoken word, etc. as counter-storytelling practices
  • teaching theory and history (Eurocentrism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, settler colonialism, orientalism, white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, colorblind racism, contact-zone, borderlands, hybridity, etc.) within decolonial frameworks
  • teaching decolonial movements (BLM, BDS, Stand with Standing Rock, Idle No More, etc.)
  • experiences of and strategies for dealing with racism in and beyond the classroom.

Please submit paper proposals (limited to 1500 characters including spaces) no later than 9.00 am EST Thursday, September 21. Also, please don't forget to specify your A/V needs (if any) on the submissions website. The submission link is as follows:

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