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September 10, 2017
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Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS)
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Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS), an academic journal, invites original and unpublished research papers from scholars on the following:

The premise of the performativity or setting forth of the event of performance within performing arts, involves discussion in its attempt to signify meaning for all involved participants. One line of argument concerns itself with the event’s occupation of the creative space through various modes of expression like the gestures, movements, narrations, or impersonations that not only em-body the performer on the stage but also accounts for audience’s experience of that embodied performance. Herein the experience of event holds within itself both the construction of meaning on stage as well as transference of that meaning beyond the corporeality of the performer to the mental state of the perceiver. Some of the interrogative markers for the analysis of such an event include the performer’s body, the space of performance, the affected audience, and the subject of performance. The creation and reproducibility of meaning can be traced in the valorization of a performance that overcomes the overwhelming influence of text as well as in an altered representation of discourse. Performance’s transitional potential therein hinges upon both the performers and the critical spectators.

The other point of interrogation can be the historical relevance of the space of performance within the context of practicing cultural elements like the rituals, celebrations, and ceremonies. Such pervasiveness of cultural elements contributes to social processes by introducing a reflective stance within a radical dramatization of rituals and ceremonies. Moreover, the comparative frames of spaces of performance across mediums and cultures negotiate reinterpretations of symbolic forms through distinct ways of storytelling and recasted corporeal enactments. An interdisciplinary dialogue in terms of context, relevance, and tradition of performance can be mapped in relation to or go beyond the following themes


  • The role of Performing Body
  • Linguistic and nonlinguistic mediums of communication in Performance 
  • Negotiating the space of performance
  • Construction of identity through involvement
  • Psychological undercurrents in performing arts
  • Ritual and Performance
  • The space of folk art
  • The Avant Garde in performing arts
  • Media and Performing Arts


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