Narratives of Masculinity

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2017
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NeMLA - Northeast Modern Language Association

What, precisely, is masculinity? How does it correlate to space, class, ethnicity, sexuality? How are men expected to behave in private, social and political landscapes? These are compelling questions, of interest not just to sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists, but also to individuals in all societies and cultures.

Masculinities reflect the characteristics of homosocial spaces – real and imaginary, material and metaphorical – in which they are constructed. Men are profoundly influenced by pre-conceived notions of inclusivity and exclusivity, by peer pressure and expectations based on “male gender roles.” The sense of inadequacy often experienced by male individuals is a recurring condition in the processes of validation, inclusivity and exclusivity within all spheres of private and social life. In the field of Women’s and Gender Studies, further research is needed to expand and elucidate the complex relationship between hegemonic masculinities (the idea of a “real man”) and subordinate masculinities (masculinities that do not live up to this ideal).

In addition to addressing these questions, the panel would like to investigate the concept of masculinity and how this is shaped by space, social context, and interpersonal relationships. The session invites contributions about literature, theater, film, and other symbolic productions in Italy as related to the complex topic of masculinity. All critical perspectives are accepted, provided that there is evidence of contextualization.

Examples of relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

- Landscapes of masculinities

- Exploration and heroism

- Shifting and changing masculinities

- Rural, urban, and suburban masculinities

- Eco-masculinities

Please submit your abstracts (in English or Italian) by September 30, 2017 through the NeMLA website