Conference presentation: Minority Soundscape: Music and Performance for Social Critique

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March 29, 2018
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ACLA(American Comparative Literature Association 2018 UCLA)
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ACLA Annual Conference. March 29 - Aptil 1, 2018 at UCLA.

This seminar invites papers that consider sensations and affect of music and performance that are deployed as tools for political contest and social critique. Many activisms use music, performance, and artistic demonstrations, (e.g. indigenous dance activism in Canada, El Teatro Campesino, DUB environmental activism in Japan, topless skit performance by Femen in Ukraine), and this is perhaps because they see physical sensations and affect as effective channels for sym-pathy, allowing the audience to imagine what it is to be embodied as minority or to be a target of the state power. Or, it may be that they see affect and sensations materialize in the form of soundwaves and heartbeats, (the affective soundscape), reterritorializing public space and allowing an imagination of alternative future.
How can art and music move political emotions, and what does that say about unknown possibilities of our bodily senses? How can we think of corporeal sensations differently in thinking of resistance, sympathy, and coexistence? The session invites papers from various fields of humanities: papers that deal with performance and demonstration; theories of bodies, soundscape, and social change; dance/music/performance and politics or activism; and sound studies. Papers on a specific performance activism or group(s) as well as theories of the body, music, or matter related to the topics above are welcome.

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