What is Feminism Now? Global Feminisms, Politics, and the Classroom Space NeMLA 2018

deadline for submissions: 
September 28, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
Melissa Tombro, SUNY - FIT, NeMLA Annual Conference 2018, Pittsburgh, April 12-15th

This panel seeks to interrogate approaches to the teaching feminist literature and constructions of identity in the classroom space post-election. Student attitudes toward and instructor approaches to feminist teaching practices and the teaching of feminism have been forced to the forefront since the campaign and US Presidential election in 2016. Global definitions of feminism and its scope have come into question, pushing discussions to revolve around what it truly means to champion human rights and navigate gender politics. This panel will look at how attitudes towards feminist identification have shifted in literature and classroom politics in reaction to a public rhetorical debate over its definitions and intents. Interactions in the classroom space and scholarship relevant to a shift in analytical framework and pedagogical approaches to global feminisms are welcome. Topics might include, but are not limited to:

Evaluations and comparisons of feminist teaching practices

Original literary analyses of works that employ feminist lenses

Readings that address student interaction and classroom politics related to feminist inquiry

The interaction of political texts and gender politics

Theoretical approaches to the teaching of feminism

New analyses of feminist literary texts the engage with politics, race, gender, ethnicity, ability and other cultural elements