Franz Fanon Today

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September 30, 2017
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Richard Schumaker/ Northeast Modern Language Association
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Soldier, psychoanalyst, political activist, and post-colonial theorist—in his intense and brief life, Frantz Fanon wore many masks. And his influence has been as variegated as well; the list of those who fell under his sway include, to name just a few, Sartre and De Beauvoir, Homi Bahba, film director Gillo Pontecorvo, and the Black Panthers. This panel invites papers that explore and meditate upon how Fanon’s vibrant life and enduring writings influenced and continue to operate upon our present cultural and political moment.

This panel focuses on the enduring influence of Frantz Fanon by looking at specific works, ideas, and connections between Fanon and events, especially those of national liberation between his lifetime and the present time.

Particular topics might include the following:

· The importance of Fanon’s lived experience on his writings

· The meaning of “disalienation” in Fanon’s work

· Frantz Fanon’s evolution from “Black Skin, White Masks” to the “Wretched of the Earth” and “Toward the African Revolution.”

· Questions of translation: are there limitation in the translations of Fanon’s work if, if so, why did this occur?

· Any aspect of the reception of Fanon

· Current conflicts over the meaning and importance of Fanon’s work.

· The importance of Aimé Césaire in Fanon’s development

· Defining “Negritude” in Fanon

· Reflection on schools or areas of Fanon’s influence

· Reflections on Fanon and Camus

· Reflections on Fanon and the evolution of existentialism

As a comparative literature session, the language of presentation will be English but panellists are welcome to work in French or other languages. The session chair will coordinate translations and hand-outs.

This is a director's sponsored panel. A volunteer for a chair will be welcome.

Please submit a 200-word proposal to the NeMLA portal.