The Literature and Film of the Great War: From War to Peace 1917-1925

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2017
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Richard Schumaker Northeast Modern Language Association
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This panel explores the representation of the Great War from roughly late 2017 through roughly 1925 in order to examine perspectives on the final years of the war and the onset of peace. 

The guiding themes in this panel will be as follows:

· The examination of the effects and results of the year as the war is concluding

· Exploring the aftermath of the war to gauge its meaning and consequences

· Comparing representations of the Great War from country to country and language to language to measure its impact on life in Europe and the rest of the world

· Comparing the final years of the war in film and literature

· Examining the effects of the war on geographical areas. 

· Exploration of medical issues that arose during and directly after the Great War

· The representation of political conflicts and realities in film and fiction.

· Reflection on the overall meaning of the Great War

· Other

This is the fourth of a series of NeMLA panels that have traced the course of the Great War from its outbreak in August 1914. 

There are no limits concerning the date of publication of literature or poetry or the first release of a film. We welcome works from the war years, the post-war years, or later.

This is NeMLA director’s sponsored panel. We will be looking a chair or co-chairs. Volunteers are encouraged to contact the NeMLA comparative director directly at

Please post a 200 word abstract to the NeMLA portal