The Anthropocene and Beyond

deadline for submissions: 
January 31, 2018
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Hong Kong Shue Yan University
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Call for Conference Paper Proposals, “The Anthropocene and Beyond,” Hong Kong, 29 May-1 June 2018. Human society and culture have arrived at a pivotal moment in the production of scientific, economic, psychological, and even artistic and philosophical subjectivity and identity. The different “scales” inherent in the concept of the Anthropocene galvanize both the local and global, inviting academic research to adopt an interdisciplinary approach with unprecedented pace and intensity. The Anthropocene has emerged as the ultimate conceptual horizon of cultural, economic, and political debates, disrupting the whole pattern of our “thought” itself in a radical process of paradigm shift. The complex and interrelated web of overarching significances—biological sciences, ethics, materialism, ecophilosophy, and economics—demand a crucial reframing of academic debates. Paying homage to the “politics of location,” we welcome paper proposals that make local reference to specific perspectives from, say, the first and the third (or fourth) worlds, Eurocentrism and Asia, or South-East Asia, including Hong Kong. We call for papers in areas that have begun to renew the human and social sciences through a dialogue with the sciences, the arts, politics, and philosophy. Environmental history, natural anthropology, laws and ethics, human/nonhuman ecologies, media culture, and green economics and business are among the possible interdisciplinary intersections. We welcome papers that explore the Anthropocene as conceived and addressed by artists, musicians, graphic and sf novelists, physicists, sociologists, film producers, linguists, and psychologists.

Suggested topics include Anthopocene fiction, sf, new ecocriticism, the human/nonhuman turn, entangled humanism, oppositional politics, environmental politics, international relations and environmental activism, environmental science and the social sciences, nature and society, social stratification and international relations, and new humanities. Other welcome topics might include nature and society; social stratification; human history and Earth’s deep histories; the history of the future; the science of historicity and time; domesticity; ecology and the economy; social media and ecosociology; media and ecological ethics; cyberculture and the future city; ecopsychology and ecolinguistics; and climate change and visual culture. The conference is organized by Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and sponsored by the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, and Science Fiction Studies. Please send proposals and brief biographical notes (250 words) by 31 January 2018 to <>.—Amy K.S. Chan, Hong Kong Shue Yan University