Excluded: Neglected Authors Pre-1900, American Literature and Literary History

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September 30, 2017
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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April 12-15, 2018 Pittsburgh

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Excluded: Neglected Authors Pre-1900, American Literature and Literary History (Panel)

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American.  ID 16775


Melissa Mentzer (Central Connecticut State University)



Excluded, neglected and forgotten works and authors from before 1900 often reveal what academia is thinking about American literature in the present , and demonstrate the dynamics of canon formation even as literary studies continue to evolve. This panel seeks papers on authors whose impact on literature and culture has not yet been adequately appreciated and explored because of prejudices, biases toward certain critical approaches, or traditional ways of reading and teaching. Authors such as Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, for instance, had a large artistic and social impact, but have until recently been neglected. What does this tell about literary history as a narrative project and about the formulation of culture? Which works and authors are we now neglecting and why? What do excluded authors and works tell us about imagined worlds not realized and the borders of academia?


This panel seeks papers on excluded and neglected authors and works from 1900 or earlier whose exclusion raises questions about how we now construct literary history and formulate literary culture in academia and as part of larger cultural projects. What imagined worlds have never been realized and where are the borders of academia?