National Seminar on Paleography

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October 1, 2017
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Federal University of Bahia
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The 1st National Seminar on Paleography welcomes works for oral communication and poster exhibition regarding any theme related to Paleography. All works submitted are going to be evaluated by double blind peer review.

Deadline: October 1, 2017.

The 1st National Seminar on Paleography gathers specialists from Brazil and abroad to treat important themes regarding Paleography, a millennial subject, which keeps up to date and necessary.

The many possibilities of comprehension of what is Paleography show how the compromise with investigating graphic systems is so diverse as well as ancient. Paleography is characterized as the reading of texts considered ancient on soft material. Contemporary studies understand it as the investigation of written culture practices, beyond support types or time frame. For writing is a matter of interest for the different areas of Humanities or any kind of historic interest branch, paleographic investigation becomes fundamental for professional qualification in Archival Science, History, Letters, Library Science etc. Despite all of this, in Brazil, paleographical studies have technical or auxiliary character, because of what many researches do not consider relevant aspects of material written culture, indispensable to avoid anachronisms. However it is recognized the importance of the activity for a good reading of information asleep on ancient handwritten documents, in Brazil there are no superior studies and depth formation on Paleography; most of the professionals have empirical formation and are unaware of theoretical production on this field.

Thus, The National Seminar on Paleography, through the articulation with other fields of knowledge, seeks to discuss the trends of paleographical research or those which have some kind of paleographical fundamentals, nowadays. This event has the main purpose of contributing to the improvement of the quality of paleographical activities in Brazil, building a communications network among the professionals from the distinct fields who work with Paleography and gathering highly qualified and up to date information from abroad, by making contact with Brazilian researchers among themselves as well as with foreign institutions which are active in the field. Therefore it yet intends to publicize works individually carried out on national institutions and to introduce the multiple trends for the paleographical activities, as an activity itself as well as auxiliar of many other areas (Archival Science, History, Letters – Philology, Textual Criticism and Historical Linguistics –, Rare Books Library Science, Anthropology, Sociology, Design, Restoration etc.).


Place: Instituto de Letras da Universidade Federal da Bahia – Campus de Ondina, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

Dates: November 15-17, 2017

Target audience: Undergraduate and Graduate students, researchers, teachers, professionals and whoever it may concern.


Contacts and further information:

Whatsapp: +55 71 987 841 488