CALL FOR ESSAYS: Journal Imaginaires: Places of Rupture

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September 1, 2018
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Dr Daniel Thomières, Université Reims Champagne-Ardenne
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Journal Imaginaires (CIRLEP, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne) Call for papers: Places of rupture Major works of art are often the result of a break or of several breaks with their time, which leads their authors to reconfigure their worldviews, reinvent their use of language, modify a genre, or conceive a new theory. But a work itself is also made up of flows and rhythms that delineate or destroy the main features of a man’s existence, a community or a territory for others to take form or be wiped out for ever. In other words, could we say that a work is a place of rupture in itself?  At first glance, the particular place where the rupture happens can be identified as a “rup-ture zone,” in technical terms, whose aesthetics conceals or anticipates critical thresholds or breaks to come. But the play between form and content also gives rise to multiple inter-pretations: antagonisms at the crossroads of desires, opening or closing spacetime struc-tures, in psychic, imaginary or concrete places full of internal tensions. The notion of rupture — as well as the notions of critical threshold and breaking-point — takes on diverse appearances ranging from non-rupture and continuity to disruption and death. Between these two extremes, other definitions of these notions may be brought out. We may wonder how the classical themes of suspense, fear, menace, risk, good and evil, etc., are renewed and whether yet unspoken issues are about to be formulated. Then, what becomes of the overused concept of identity? How does temporality unfold in fictional and non-fictional works? What new metaphors will conjure up places of rupture?  Papers of 6 000-10 000 words, written in French or English, are expected  to  develop a theoretical in-depth reflection supported by converging examples or the careful analysis of a literary, cinema-tographic or pictorial work. The submission deadline for proposals is 1 September 2018. Please send your draft proposals to or