Transversing Spaces

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January 12, 2018
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University at Albany English Student Graduate Oranization
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“Transversing Spaces”

University at Albany’s 16th annual EGSO Conference 

UAlbany English Graduate Student Organization

Date: March 23-24, 2018 

Critical Keynote: Moacir P. de Sá Pereira

Creative Keynote: Patricia Smith

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2018

The University at Albany’s 16th annual EGSO conference, or what might more accurately be called a transference, invites critical and creative pieces that explore innovative ways of defining, cross-examining, and connecting any and all spaces, particularly those spaces conventionally opposed and marginalized. We offer “transversing,” a term of our own making, to help prompt and energize new encounters with/in space. Given the intimate connection between space and language, we believe that the act of opening space to connection begins with expanding the terminology available for representing space. Transversing may also reflect this opening. By turning adjective to verb, transversing performs a crossing of conventional boundaries, even those foundational to the representation of phenomena. By animating a transverse path, transversing can equally conjure the motion of light, that most seasoned and unconquerable of space travelers. Correspondingly, the term inspects the very grounds for space, since light, by pushing out shadows, can open our eyes to the possibility of inhabiting a given space. More technically, transverse waves travel according to a direction of displacement perpendicular to their direction of proposition, and so following their leads may coordinate ostensibly oppositional planes of space. At a fundamental, geometric level, a transverse always crosses a border with the aim of crossing another, while it often does so to bridge parallels. With these possible, though by no means exhaustive, connotations in mind, we invite explorations of space bound by the thought of connecting multiple spaces, along with yet more spatial terms to broaden the linguistic sphere. Space, as it both suspends and separates entities, makes connection both conceivable and desirable, while even the reverse may hold true. The terms condition each other. If we are to intervene in the construction of connections, we are well-advised to take on this task in terms of space, or even transversing. Avenues of inquiry might include: 

  • Race, gender, class, and culture
  • Mapping, touring, and geocriticism 
  • Possible worlds and text worlds theory
  • Borders and liminality
  • Overpopulation and overexploitation
  • Imagination and transgressive competence
  • Chronotopes and deictic expression 
  • Communication and transportation technology
  • Space travel, spacetime, and relativity
  • Radiation and electromagnetism 
  • Bricolage and hybridity
  • Curatorial and archival work
  • Music and voice
  • Public and private sectors
  • Transversal politics 

We schedule approximately 15 minutes for each presentation. For critical presentations, please submit a 250-word abstract to For creative presentations, please submit a small sample of your creative work (.mp3, .jpeg, .tif, .avi. .mp4, or .doc files), as well as a 250-word description of your presentation to All submissions should include “EGSO Conference” in the subject line. The deadline for submissions is January, 12, 2018.