EXTENDED CALL: SPECTRA Issue 6.2: Call for Papers: Critiques of Resilience

deadline for submissions: 
January 15, 2018
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‘Resilience’ has gained traction in recent discourses: whether the rise of nationalist/populist movements throughout many parts of the world, disastrous consequences of climate change, continuous debates around online security and network integrity, or the stresses of self-optimization under increasing economic precarization, resilience, so it seems, is produced as an ideal type to confront these conditions.

Issue 6.2 features an interview with Julian Reid, whose most recent work concerns modes of resilience and indigeneity.

SPECTRA calls for papers that critically engage with the notion of resilience by way of integrating theoretical, empirical, literary, and ethnographic research.

We ask that complete manuscripts be submitted to editor@spectrajournal.org by January 15. You may refer to our submission guidelines here: https://spectrajournal.org/SPECTRA/about/submissions#authorGuidelines