International Journal of Theology, Philosophy and Science

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May 10, 2018
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ijtps- IFIASA
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International Journal of Theology, Philosophy and Science

Dear Friends,

International Journal of TheologyPhilosophy and Science (IJTPS) is a scholarly journal dedicated to the areas of theology and philosophy. 

IJTPS includes topics such as: the future of multidisciplinary new research;  the  unity of arts and  sciences; philosophy, and  the philosophy   of  religion,  metaphysics,  philosophical  ethics  and systematic theology (e.g. Fundamental Theology). So this journal was founded with the aim of publishing high quality and original scholarly papers written from multiple perspectives (philosophical, theological, anthropological, moral and etic, science, etc.)

IJTPS provides the opportunity to examine the altogether truth-claims found in theology, philosophy & sciences, as well as the methods found in each and every domain derived from them.  

IJTPS promoted by IFIASA, provides a platform for the backmost scientific, theological and philosophical research, encouraging convictions and approaches from different areas. IJTPS contributes to an uninterrupted educational process in the contemporary society. 

IJTPS is inviting you for papers to Vol. 2 No. 2, which is scheduled to be published on May, 2018. Articles submitted for publication normally ranges from 3000 to 15000 words, written in English.

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Submission deadline: 1May, 2018.

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With thanks,

Editor, Ph.D. Marian BUGIULESCU, International Journal of TheologyPhilosophy and Science