"Disruptions, Distortions, and Dystopias"

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January 5, 2018
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English Graduate Organization (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
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EGO’s 2018 Interdisciplinary Conference Call for Papers
Conference Theme: “Disruptions, Distortions, and Dystopias”
February 24th, 2018

Conference website: https://sites.google.com/view/iupegoconference/home

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Stephen Bell -- a Rushdie, postcolonial, and modern film scholar, Dr. Bell is an alumni of the Literature & Criticism PhD program at IUP. 

Hosted by Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Humanities and Social Sciences Building, Indiana PA

Deadline for Proposals: January 21, 2018

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is proud to announce the theme of our 2018 Interdisciplinary Conference: “Disruptions, Distortions, and Dystopias.” For this 2018 Conference, we consider the primary goal of this CFP to bring in research that both analyzes the many shifts and movements in literature—including its histories, and societies—and distorts our expected perceptions, proposing to us a new way of looking at those same changes. While our home department is literature and composition based, the English Graduate Organization invites presentations from scholars in all fields that explore topics related to these ideas.

Literature documents movements of time, place, and people: from plenitude to scarcity and back, from safe domestic spaces to hostile public spaces, from normative value systems to more ethical value systems, from identity to identity. Any “disruption,” “distortion,” or “dystopia” can be or can appear negatively unsettling…or quite the opposite. Consider the following questions:
• One literary movement can disrupt another, but does it have to be seen as negative? What can these disruptions create? Do all distortions have to result in something fractured or corrupted?
• What disruptions can or have been positive and empowering?
• What creates distortions—external or internal, real or perceived?
• While dystopias point to an undesirable, fallen world-state, we may consider from whose perspective we are reading and the characters and forms of the genre itself. Can the dystopia of that system create something (perceived as) good or stable? Who has and continues to write dystopian fiction and why?
• Within the genre and forms associated with “dystopia,” what new writing techniques, character types, and representations have been given space to flourish?

Requirements for Submission:
All proposals should be sent to the following email address: iupgradego@gmail.com

Questions: please direct all questions about the conference & submissions to a.j.hagood@iup.edu (Alex Hagood, EGO Vice President) or mtwill@iup.edu (Dr. Mike Williamson, EGO adviser)

All proposals should include:
● A 250-300 word abstract addressed to the EGO Conference Organizers
● The type of presentation it will be (paper, poster, roundtable, panel, movie project, etc.), institutional affiliation, discipline, and contact information.


Conference Awards
If you have the opportunity, EGO offers competitive awards—usually monetary or in the form of gift cards—to students who submit full papers to our Best Graduate Paper ahead of the conference. This year, we have two exciting opportunities for students to receive rewards and opportunities for their completed papers and research.

Deadline: February 12, 2018

*For both awards, papers must be submitted in full (7-10 pages) to be reviewed by a blind, peer-review committee.

*The paper must be sent to the following emails by February 12th: for the Best Graduate Paper, mtwill@iup.edu (Dr. Mike Williamson – EGO advisor) or a.j.hagood@iup.edu (EGO Vice President); for the pedagogy paper, r.powell@iup.edu (Roger Powell – Inspiring Pedagogical Connections Co-Editor-in-Chief)

1.) Best Graduate Paper
*The papers for this category are judged by clarity of argument/research topic, strength of supportive research/sources, and unique contribution to its wider field.
*An essay topic connected to the conference theme is preferred, but not required.
*Full paper length (7-10 pages) is required, not including works cited/bibliography. Please adhere to one, specific format (ex. MLA, APA, etc).
*The winner for this award will receive recognition and a monetary/gift card award of some kind at the conference.
*For specific questions, please contact Alex Hagood at a.j.hagood@iup.edu at least one week ahead of submission date.

2.) Inspiring Pedagogical Connections Paper
*This is a new category for submission. Inspiring Pedagogical Connections: Working Papers in Composition, Applied Linguistics, & Literature is an IUP-based journal, run by students from the Graduate Composition & TESOL department. They are seeking fresh names and research for their next issue and would like to include the hard work of one of our conference participants.
*The essay, in topic, must be about pedagogical practices—proposed methods, quantitative research, theoretical critique, etc… The only absolute requirement is that it be about pedagogy in the classroom.
*If the essay is clear, well-supported, and contributes pedagogical insight or research, it will be considered for the award. It will be reviewed primarily by the Pedagogical Connections board, and whoever they choose to be the winner will be given an award at the conference and the opportunity to revise their essay for publication in the journal.
*For specific questions, please contact Roger Powell at r.powell@iup.edu at least one week ahead of submission date.