South of the River

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2017
full name / name of organization: 
University of Greenwich

South of the River 

Second International Conference of the South of the River Research Group (SRG

17-18thMay 2018, University of Greenwich

Keynote speakers:

Brycchan Carey (University of Northumbria);

John Williams (University of Greenwich).

London has always inspired the production of  literature, art music and film.  In turn, there is critical interest in London’s cultural and literary production and the ways in which, for example,  diasporic consciousness, urban development, architecture and space are formed and informed by writers, musicians and film makers. There are now established academic discourses on London’s literature  that draw on Empire and the postcolonial, urban studies and psychoanalytical theory – discourses employed for the examination of texts from London’s earliest history to the present day.


The conference, ‘South of the River’, has its focus on the ‘bastard side of Old Father Thames’ (Angela Carter Wise Children, 1991) as a space for the  imagination and aims to make visible the unique qualities of cultural productions and representations emanating from the sprawling diversity that exists south of the Thames and beyond into suburbia.


Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

  • What makes South London distinctive
  • Borders and borderlessness South of the River
  • Cultural representations of South London
  • Works and writers that challenge conventional attitudes to ‘South of the River’
  • How artists contribute to images of South London
  • The relevance of walking and spectatorship South of the River
  • South of the River in relation to fiction, poetry, drama, autobiography, cinema and social media


Please send abstracts (2-300 words), accompanied by biographies (100 words), for 30 minute papers to Justine Baillie, SRG Leader, University of Greenwich ( before 1st March, 2018. Notification of decision: 1st April December, 2018.