Gender, Sexuality and Museums, new volume REVISED DUE DATES

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March 15, 2018
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Josh Adair/Murray State University
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Gender, Sexuality, and Museums, new volume


Abstracts due: January 15, 2018

Full essays due: March 15, 2018


When it appeared in 2010, Gender, Sexuality and Museums offered scholars, practitioners, and students key articles, essays and case studies on those subjects. As the first reader to focus on LGBT issues and museums, and the first text in nearly 15 years to collect articles which focus on women and museums, it offered new and classic investigations about gender and sexuality – both practical and theoretical – many of which broke new ground and helped spur new practices and perspectives. The editors propose a second volume of essays on this topic, to appear for the tenth anniversary of Gender, Sexualities, and Museums.


In the years since the first reader’s appearance, a great deal about the world has changed – while other aspects remain surprisingly static - and museums have followed suit. In the world of museums, sex, sexuality, and gender have, arguably, become more visible in certain quarters; scholars, museum practitioners, and activists are sparking new conversations on these topic all the time. Thus, it seems like the perfect time to compile another collection of essays which grapple with the complexities, frustrations, and successes of authentically and respectfully representing and interrogating gender and sexuality in contemporary museum practice.


The second volume of Gender, Sexuality and Museums will include previously unpublished articles on a range of topics. These include, but are not limited to, the following:  disability/crip culture and representations of gender and sexuality; transgender representation, erasure, and activism; third genders; notable omissions (exploring exhibits where one might expect to see some interrogation of gender and/or sexuality and do not); gender and/or sexuality in heritage sites and historic homes; guerrilla efforts to disrupt museum narratives/exhibits from outside the institution. We particularly value essays that focus on areas outside the US and Europe, as well as work that examines our topics through the perspectives of racial and ethnic minorities.


The book will be co-edited by Joshua Adair and Amy Levin. Please send full submissions with abstracts to BOTH editors simultaneously:


Joshua G. Adair, PhD, Associate Professor, Murray State University,

Amy K. Levin, PhD, Professor Emerita, Northern Illinois University,


Articles must be submitted in MS Word format together with abstracts and high-resolution images, either through email or Dropbox. Due to the cost of subventions, we will be able to use only a very limited number of photographs.