Why Do Animal Studies?: The Turn to the Quasi-, Post-, Anti-, Non-, Para-

deadline for submissions: 
February 12, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
University of Chicago



 Why Do Animal Studies?: The Turn to the Quasi-, Post-, Anti-, Non-, Para-


A Reprise of the 2014 Conference,

Thursday, April 26 and Friday, April 27, 2018,

at The University of Chicago and Northwestern University,


with a Keynote Performance by

Adam Zaretsky (Marist College)


and a Roundtable on the Future of Animal Studies feat.

Giovanni Aloi (School for the Art Institute of Chicago)

Ron Broglio (Arizona State University)

Susan McHugh (University of New England) and

Timothy S. Murphy (Oklahoma State University)


Why do Animal Studies? Last month, the Animal/Nonhuman Workshop at the University of Chicago issued an experimental Call for Questions (CFQ) in response to a perceived change in the objects of study of the people at the forefront of our theoretical subfield. Based on the overwhelming and delightfully varied replies to the investigative CFQ (available on request), we are soliciting papers – humanistic and scientific – and artworks – primarily literary and visual – on the semi-liquid categories of the quasi-, post-, anti-, non-, and para-animal. We welcome submissions on any/all subjects that purport to illuminate these nascent categorizations, helping us to understand, and ultimately forcefully to articulate, the new direction of our subfield and the stakes of literary, artistic, and critical projects for humans and nonhuman others. We are particularly interested in submissions on the following topics:


-       Biospheres, Kinship, Hybridity

-       Conservation, Mass Extinction, Apocalypse

-       Machines, Inorganic/Nonliving Things

-       Virtual Animals/Others

-       Local, Small-Scale Projects; Large Scale; Deep Time

-       Energy: Traditional, Alternative

-       Plants, Critical Plant Studies

-       Speculative and Non-Earth Worlds

-       The Future of Animal Studies


We realize, however, that this list is incomplete. We remain, as such, very much open to submissions on single animals and related topics. If you are interested in participating, submit a bio and paper abstract or art/performance description (250-300 words) to whydoanimalstudies.uchicago@gmail.comby February 12, 2018. (Given the limited time and space of the conference, we regret that we cannot entertain panel proposals.)