Call for issues: "Interférences littéraires"/Literaire interferenties

deadline for submissions: 
February 28, 2018
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Interférences Littéraires

Interférences littéraires/Literaire interferenties is a peer-reviewed, international and multilingual open-access journal devoted to the interaction between literature and cultural and societal practices. The word “interference” denotes a situation of unsolicited or even unnecessary intervention, the conjunction of clearly distinct phenomena. If literature, and in particular the reservoir of texts commonly categorized as ‘modern’, has delineated itself and has been projected with a strong sense of autonomy vis-à-vis social, cultural, ideological or scientific discourses and material conditions, neither its production nor its reception ever happens in a vacuum. At times nolens volens, the circulation of literature in society moves in unexpected directions and undergoes significant alterations, as does the representation of society in literature.  Our journal’s project is to explore the ways in which literature and society have been involved and look at uncharted processes of exchange between the different discourses, their models, structures and forms of imagination/representation. We invite research that recalibrates the relationship between what is commonly called the literary and the non-literary and throws new light on the interplay of the various actors and forces that make up culture.

ILLI  publishes two issues per year in six different languages: English, French, and German as well as Spanish, Italian or Dutch. Though single articles are welcome, it is our primary purpose to bring out thematic issues that address the “interférences” between literary discourse and societal dynamics from a specific and/or comparatist angle, wide as that may be. The historical era we cover is modernity in the broadest sense, starting roughly from the 16th century to the present.

From 2019 onwards our journal has open slots and the editorial board invites guest editors to submit proposals for thematic issues that meet the journal’s scope and criteria. Scholars who are interested to publish in Interférences litteraires/literaire interferenties are invited to send a 1000 word proposal concerning their special issue and a short bio-bibliographical note of all guest editors involved to the editor in chief, Anke Gilleir and assisting editor Beatrijs Vanacker by February 2018. A reply as to the decision of the editorial board will be given within six weeks’ time. Please take into account that the first issue will be published in May 2019.

Since November 2010 every issue also contains a ‘Varia’ section: this includes articles that either develop an aspect that was introduced in preceding thematic issues or offer cases that may be the basis for future research. Since May 2011 the journal also presents interviews with one or more researchers on a concept or problem that is topical in contemporary literary research. The editorial board welcomes “varia” articles and interview proposals that meet the journal’s general thematic and formal criteria.