Rhetoric of Exile

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February 10, 2018
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Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS)
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Language, Literature, and Interdisciplinary Studies (LLIDS), an academic journal, invites original and unpublished research papers from scholars on the following:

Rhetoric of Exile

Rhetoric of exile, manifested through historical contingencies like nation, race, ethnicity, class, gender, and sexuality commonly resolves itself as an imposed punishment underlining ubiquity of oppression by dominant classes. Varied dialogues upon the forms of exile however undermine such monolithic conceptualization of this concept merely as an enforced or unfavorable condition, for the vein of dislocation or self-imposed isolation may also hold possibilities of positive self-transformation. It allows an individual to deeply internalize the state of belonging as well as of willful detachment for the sake of self-realization.

The experiential condition of exile may involve a sense of separation, uprootedness, foreignness, and otherness which are all tangible reminders of a lost home and security of a familiar environment, but a sustained reflection upon the ‘center of meaning’ can also liberate the exiled from the sense of abandonment and alienation. The meaning of ‘home’ could be reconfigured by attaining a vantage point through a detachment from past and actuating a struggle to accommodate the unfamiliar. Thus, while the experiences of dislocation within exile bring forth critiques of oppressive systems from individual and social perspectives, the liberating dissociation from this sense of loss itself will also allow the space for reflection upon an exiled individual’s sense of identity and the scope for its varied representation. Such radical creative counter-narratives, undertaken within individual, linguistic, bodily, or socio-politico-economic concerns would help realize ways in which our identities, concerns, and realities are merely historical constructs informed either through interrogations over a welcome loss or as a nostalgia for ostensible ‘home.’

This issue invites papers which focus upon the interstitial conceptualizations of exile and the way different groups and individuals experience it in their own sensibilities. The papers may focus upon though not remain bound by the following topics:

  • The idea of ‘Home’
  • Autobiographical narratives of Exile
  • Exile as a political power play
  • Facile movements diluting the sufferings of exile
  • The ‘alien residents’
  • Artist in exile
  • Exile as a possibility of self-transformation
  • Multiple identities of the Exiled


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