Women and Work

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January 15, 2018
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Society for the Study of American Women Writers
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The meaning of “women’s work” has never been stable. While women consistently have engaged with both the production of home and labor outside the home, their involvement in what Marx conceptualizes as wage-to-labor power exchange did not achieve heightened visibility in U.S. cultures until the nineteenth century. This panel seeks to address the many ways that women writers explore women’s labor in service to their families, their communities, and their nations, and how this labor contributes to the work of resistance and/or recovery across the Americas. How does women’s labor provide opportunities for collective dissent as well as recovery of women’s work? How do women of color, immigrant women, and gender nonconforming people resist relegation to liminal spaces? How do texts attempt to redefine the value of women’s work and negotiate new identities for women as workers, mothers, wives, community organizers, movement advocates? How do women writers work to alter gendered conceptions of work? Email a 250-word proposal and 60-word bio, both pasted into the body of your message, by January 15 to strongmj@gmail.com.