Anglicist Gender Studies as a European Discipline

deadline for submissions: 
January 31, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Nóra Séllei / University of Debrecen

The European Society for the Study of English will have its upcoming biennial conference in Brno, Czech Republic from 29 August to 2 September 2018 ( The conference is organised into thematic seminars.

This is a CFP for the seminar entitled:

Anglicist Gender Studies as a European Discipline

The seminar addresses the questions whether there is a special relationship between gender studies and English studies, how gender studies has changed the profile of English studies, and vice versa: what impact it has made on gender studies that it entered several European cultures via English studies. Further foci may be (but are not limited to) the current directions of Anglicist gender studies, Anglicist gender studies as a European discipline versus the differences in gender studies in favourable and unfavourable European national contexts, anti-genderism, European occupational perspectives. The presentation of new, promising approaches within gender studies is also welcome.

Please send your 20-minute presentation proposal of about 250 words to the convenors before 31 January 2018:

Renate Haas (Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany);

Nóra Séllei (University of Debrecen, Hungary);