Edited Collection, [tentative title]: Bottled Labor: Containment and Consequences

deadline for submissions: 
February 28, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Alison Turner, Denver University & Anthony Ballas, University of Colorado at Denver

Edited Collection, [tentative title]: Bottled Labor: Containment and Consequences  

The editors of this collection are interested in the containment of labor and its potential social, aesthetic, and/or ontological consequences in literature, film, art, and theory. Considering forms of labor as bottled and sealed creates an inside and an outside: how do we understand both of these positions in art, film, criticism, and literature, in contemporary settings and/or historically? What are the different ontological, psychological, biological, emotional and physical consequences to the containment of labor and/or its literal or metaphorical release? How might the suppression of labor in literary form generate a pressurized scenario either within a text or work of art, or in the social reception of a text or work of art? Might the release of interiorized, suppressed labor contaminate exterior spaces, suffusing the outside with a novel form of revolutionary inertia?  In what ways can this bottle be transparent or opaque, agitated or dusted over, imaginary or real? In what ways can this bottle be opened and what happens when it is?

Consider that this collection will include both academic and non-academic works from a range of artistic, theoretical, regional, and cultural perspectives, and therefore works selected for inclusion will ideally represent a diverse cross-section of the arts.

The editors encourage explorations on any front insofar as labor, containment, suppression, restriction and consequences are concerned, and welcome voices, analyses, and perspectives from the margins.

  • Academic essays: please submit an abstract of 400-500 words along with CV and/or 100 word biography;

  • Creative nonfiction, poetry and fiction: please submit completed manuscripts of up to 8,000 words and 100 word biography;

  • Art (photographs, paintings, illustrations, digital media, etc.): please submit with a brief artist explanation (no longer than 2 pages), and a 100 word biography.

Deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2018. Please send submission materials to both editors with “Bottled Labor” as the subject line, followed by the category in which your submission falls, i.e. “Bottled Labor: Fiction,” “Bottled Labor: Art,” etc.


Alison Turner, University of Denver, alison.nmn.turner@gmail.com

Anthony Ballas, University of Colorado at Denver, tonyjballas@gmail.com