Eighteenth-Century War Representation

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March 15, 2018
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National University of Singapore
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Eighteenth-Century War Representation

National University of Singapore, 21-22 April 2018

Scholars have given less attention to war representation of the eighteenth-century than to that of other periods. This is probably a result of the absence of any important texts about war, and of widespread interest in the twentieth century.

However, many important ways of representing and understanding war emerged in the eighteenth century. There was, for instance, a new sense of the soldier's or civilian's experience of war, and of the infiltration of war into ordinary life.

A small number of scholars have been working on questions of eighteenth-century war representation in the last ten of fifteen years. Among those planning to attend the workshop are: Ala Alryyes, Thomas Keymer, Andrew Lincoln, and Anders Engberg-Pedersen, and Melinda Rabb. The area of study is beginning to emerge as an important sub-field.

The workshop aims to achieve two things:

  • to discuss new work about eighteenth-century war-representation; and
  • to identify future directions and questions for study.

Those interested in attending should write to John Richardson at ellrja@nus.edu.sg for more details.