Call for Reviews: Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds

deadline for submissions: 
December 31, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Matthew Johnson / SIUE
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Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds


(ISSN: 1757191X / Online ISSN: 17571928)


As Reviews Editor for the Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds, I am always seeking reviewers for game/gaming-related academic books, websites, communities, and “popular” books, in addition to reviews of virtual environments and, of course, videogames (recent or older, single- or multiplayer, across all platforms).  If you are interested in writing a videogame-related or virtual space-related review, please email Matthew Johnson <matjohn @ siue . edu >.  Happy to entertain questions.


From the journal’s front matter: The Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds is a peer-refereed, international journal that focuses on theoretical and applied, empirical, critical, rhetorical, creative, economic, pedagogical and professional approaches to the study of electronic games across platforms and genres, as well as ludic and serious online environments such as massively multiplayer online role-playing games and Second Life.


JGVW aims at researchers and professional working in and researching creative new media and entertainment software around the globe, and seeks to document, harmonize, juxtapose and critically evaluate cutting-edge market trends and technological developments, as well as sociocultural, political, economic and psychological concerns. It informs its readers about recent events such as conferences, and features long articles, short papers, post abstracts, interviews, reports and reviews of relevant new publications, video games and virtual environments, machinima, websites and new hardware releases.


About Reviews

Reviews are usually between 1500-2000 words, but accommodations can be made for longer texts.  Images/screenshots are possible and will be addressed on an individual basis.  Reviews of all texts (books, conferences, articles, videogames, virtual environments), recent or older, are welcome. Reviews of games or virtual environments should be “scholarly” (as opposed to “commercial”); JGVW is looking for how texts contribute to the academic field or the object of study’s “genre.” All scholarly foci are welcome (new media studies, new literacy, rhetoric, games studies/ludology, culture studies, and so forth); reviews may connect to pedagogy or literacy development, relate to other texts, or illustrate how an object of study has made a cultural impact. All reviews will have their own titles (in an effort to recognize that they are more sophisticated than mere evaluations). I am happy to forward examples of previous reviews to potential reviewers.


I am happy to recommend specific texts to potential reviewers for review, though I am keenly interested in reviewers selecting their own materials


[For academic books in particular, I will work with the publishers to procure complimentary copies; however, this strategy does not work with videogames or subscriptions to MMOGs or other virtual worlds, of course, and different publishers have different policies concerning “free” materials (perhaps needless to say, neither I nor JGVW has a budget to purchase materials for reviewers.)]