Fascination, a special journal issue

deadline for submissions: 
June 1, 2019
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Postmodern Culture
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“On Fascination”: A Special Issue of Postmodern Culture

Ed. Mikko Tuhkanen, Texas A&M University

Call for papers


This proposed special issue of Postmodern Culture explores issues in contemporary politics, aesthetics, and philosophy through the problematic of “fascination.” Recent scholarship has begun to map “fascination” as a concept (for example, by M.A. Abbas, Sibylle Baumbach, Andreas Degen, Andy Hahnemann and Björn Weyand, Hans Seeber, and Brigitte Weingart).  “Fascination” has been associated with the others of modernity and the Enlightenment—the premodern, the occult, the sacred—but continues to be a pivotal (but often untheorized) cultural concept. How does “fascination” operate in contemporary discourses? We ask potential contributors to explore the role this concept has had in discussions of aesthetics, affect, capitalism, ideology, postcolonialism, psychoanalysis, queerness, technology, and totalitarianism, among other topics in contemporary theory and culture. 


Send inquiries or 250-500-word proposals by 6 April 2018 to mikko.tuhkanen@tamu.edu and pomoculture@gmail.com. Invited essays will be due 1 June, 2019.