The last twenty years of Canadian and Quebec studies: developments and challenges

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February 5, 2018
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Polish Association for Canadian Studies
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TransCanadiana: Polish Journal of Canadian Studies

Volume 10

The last twenty years of Canadian and Quebec studies:

developments and challenges


Canadian studies and Quebec Studies are relatively new, but diverse and vibrant areas of research. The beginnings of both are most often located in the turbulent 1960s and 1970s, though some scholars trace them back to earlier decades—for example, Dirk Hoerder in his To Know Our Many Selves. From the Study of Canada to Canadian Studies (2010)argues that the first stage of the evolution of the area of Canadian Studies can be traced as far back as the 1840s. The development of both areas in Canada and abroad can be linked directly to the institutional support framework created by federal and provincial governments in the post-WWII period and governmental funding, which means that, while maintaining intellectual independence, the fields have been sensitive to policy changes and political decisions.

We are calling on the community of Canadian and Quebec Studies scholars in Canada, Quebec and beyond to share their perspectives on the developments of the fields in general or within their area of expertise within the last twenty years; and to comment on the challenges the fields face in the immediate future. The articles can focus on, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • new research areas that have emerged within Canadian and Quebec studies;
  • relationship between Canadian and Quebec studies and other areas of research (for example, Indigenous studies, ecology, bioethics, life writing studies, diasporic studies, etc.);
  • declining and emerging methodologies in the two fields;
  • cutting-edge research and trends in Canadian and Quebec studies;
  • emergent pedagogies of Canadian and Quebec studies;
  • institutional development of Canadian and Quebec studies in different countries/areas;
  • the future of Canadian and Quebec studies.

Reviews of relevant academic publications related to the two fields are also welcome.

Brief article abstracts of c. 350-400 words should be emailed to the editors by February 05th 2018. After the selection process is completed, and not later than February 10th 2018, the editors will invite authors to submit completed articles of max. 7000 words by May 31st  2018. Reviews are also due by May 31th 2018. Abstracts, articles and reviews should be written in English or French. All submissions to TransCanadiana must be original, unpublished work.

Submissions in English should be emailed to Agnieszka Rzepa at

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