ASEEES 2018 - Performing Nationalism: Film, Media, and Literature in Eastern Europe

deadline for submissions: 
February 23, 2018
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ASEEES (Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies) Panel

As anyone who has watched Eurovision can attest, the music festival often becomes a spectacle of nationalisms. It is an international space onto which all participating nations proclaim a distinct and valuable musical and artistic contribution to the world stage. Eurovision is not the only media event that allows for such nationalist performances, however. This panel will focus on the performativity of nationalism in Eastern European media events, film, and literature, among other artistic performances. Focusing on these texts, this panel aims to create dialogue between performances and the mediums of their development. The panel will analyze these texts as discourses that shape attitudes and behaviors, which are legible precisely because they reinforce nationalism and they supplement it with new tropes and modes of enactment. We welcome projects that are concerned with news coverage locally, regionally, and internationally; folklore and myth as spaces where nationalism is rehearsed, reinforced, and performed; film as a medium that is transnational and whose distribution practices allow for a global reach of national performances; and literature as a medium that embodies the nation vis-à-vis language and translation. Additionally, the panel welcomes projects that engage with new media: social networks, youTube, etc. as venues where new forms of nationalist performances are developed. Ultimately, the aim of this panel is to create a scholarly conversation that is interdisciplinary and inter-medium, where scholars analyze all forms of nationalist performances in media and literature, including emerging forms of performativity through new media. We cast our vision forward and seek to answer questions like: in what ways do international networks of social media, literary networks, and film networks shape nationalist performativity? 

Send 250 word abstracts and an updated CV to panel chair, Eralda L. Lameborshi at: by February 23, 2018.