MLA 2019 Pitch to Page: Teaching the Publication Process

deadline for submissions: 
March 1, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Claire Sommers, The Graduate Center, CUNY
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Professors have been advised to “publish or perish” for nearly 100 years. First coined in 1927, this phrase warns professors that in order to maintain their jobs, they must publish their work. Publishing has always been central to academia, as it is the primary vehicle through which scholars share their research with a larger audience. Yet, in recent years, academia has changed so that publishing is not reserved for those who are already professors. Instead, publishing has become a requirement for any one who is applying to become a professor, with PhD students being encouraged to publish their research before they have finished their degrees.

This panel will explore how academic departments, organizations, and publishers can best teach and support the publishing process. We welcome proposals from all career stages (graduate student through full professor) and scholars who can share their experiences as publishers, editors, and submission reviewers. Some of the questions we seek to answer include:

What should scholars know about publishing?
How can institutions and academic departments mentor graduate students and early career faculty on publishing?
How can academic and professional organizations help to guide its members in the publishing process?
What guidance can journal editors and academic presses provide?
How can publishing education be incorporated into the education of graduate students and professor lives of early career faculty?
How can we teach scholars about all aspects of the publishing process (abstract, submission, revisions)?
How can we mentor scholars on the differences between different types of publications?

Please submit a 250-word proposal and 75-word bio by March 1 to Claire Sommers (