Writing Across the Curriculum

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April 5, 2018
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Writing Across the Curriculum

At its most basic, Writing Across the Curriculum is founded on the core belief summarized by Chris Anson in The WAC Casebook that “writing belongs in all courses in every discipline” (ix).  While guided by this central value, WAC programs must also be inherently flexible, individually designed to best meet the needs of their specific students, faculty, programs, and institutions. This diversity of possible approaches gives us the opportunity to share ideas, techniques, and experiences to explore the flexibility and adaptability of the larger WAC pedagogy.

The Writing Across the Curriculum section welcomes all submissions. Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • Designing / starting a WAC program
  • Institutional engagement across disciplines
  • Faculty training and / or resources
  • Assessment tools (i.e. rubrics, quantifiable measures)
  • Disciplinary writing
  • Writing-intensive courses
  • Collaborations between in-class instruction and Writing Centers
  • Continuing improvement / “Closing the loop”

Please send 150-300 word proposals to Alissa Burger at aburger@culver.edu by April 5th.