Maria Edgeworth 250

deadline for submissions: 
April 30, 2018
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School of English, Trinity College Dublin
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6-8 December 2018, Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin


Call for Papers



Miss Edgeworth is at Abbotsford, and has been for some time; a little, dark, bearded, sharp, withered, active, laughing, talking, impudent, fearless, outspoken, honest, Whiggish, unchristian, good-tempered, kindly, ultra-Irish body. I like her one day, and damn her to perdition the next. She is a very queer character; particulars some other time.


John Gibson Lockhart, quoted in Christopher NorthA Memoir of John Wilson.


To mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Maria Edgeworth, we call for papers that respond to her life and writing across its full range and scope. As well as papers that address Edgeworth’s innovative writing for the young, her essays on education and her ambitious and original novels, we also invite contributions that discuss the wider intellectual, social and political world of the Edgeworth family.

Other topics may include:


  • Edgeworth’s reputations

  • Realism and history

  • Edgeworth’s geographies

  • Narrative modes: footnotes, glossary, dialogue, anecdote, letters, gossip 

  • Essays and memoirs as forms of knowledge

  • Audiences: age, gender and class

  • Science and narrative 

  • Domesticity in time and space 

  • Edgeworth’s correspondence, networks and influences

  • Edgeworth as visitor; Edgeworth’s visitors



The conference will be held in the Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin, and will also include a lecture at the National Library of Ireland. Confirmed speakers include Professor James Chandler (University of Chicago), Professor Clara Tuite (University of Melbourne) and Dr Susan Manly (University of St Andrews).


Conference organisers:


Claire Connolly, University College Cork

Jarlath Killeen, Trinity College Dublin

Susan Manly, University of St Andrews