Intermedial Practice and Theory in Comparison: The Fourth International Symposium on Intermedial Studies

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June 15, 2018
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International Society for Intermedial Studies, Hangzhou Normal University
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Call for Participation for

The Fourth International Symposium on Intermedial Studies

Intermedial Practice and Theory in Comparison
Hangzhou, China, 15-17 November 2018

With the ever-growing proliferation of electronic and other popular media in the more and more networked and “mediatised society,” the diversity and complexity of cultural reproduction and social reconstruction through media underscores now, more than ever, the need to expand Intermedial Studies by incorporating a “planetary” comparative perspective and encouraging voices from all cultures. In recent years, Asian artists like CAI Guoqiang, the “Master of Gunpowder,” have gained international prominence in the intermedia world, and their intermedial practices were often executed and exhibited in various cultural epicentres, e.g., Beijing or New York. However active and interactive such practices are and however broad the audience is, a critical survey of the intermedia theory in cultural comparison is largely missing in previous discussions. We all use media and all media are related, but we might not view media in the same way. Therefore, this conference aims at fostering an interdisciplinary and intercultural conversation on intermedia between scholars, artists, and theorists from all domains. Confirmed keynote speakers include: Prof. Lars ELLESTRÖM (Linnaeus University, Sweden), Prof. QIAN Zhaoming (Chancellor’s Research Professor Emeritus, University of New Orleans, USA).

We are seeking panel, paper and round-table contributions that address the theme of the conference: revisiting intermedial practice and theory from a comparative perspective (e.g., past/present, East/West, etc.) to see how artistic, cultural and social practices differ from and interact with each other and how theories evolve in these media constellations locally and globally. We invite proposals for 10- or 20-minute presentations on a broad variety of topics and methodological approaches from disciplines including (but not limited to) Media Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Philosophy, Art History, Visual Arts, Musicology, Theatre and Performance Studies, Rhetoric, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Architecture and Design, Communication, Politics, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Thematic topics include (but not limited to):
1. Multi/Inter/Cross-Art/Mediality/Disciplinarity
2. Interartistic Poetics in Comparison
3. Text-Image Ekphrastic Practices
4. Literature and/or Music
5. Intermediality in the Theatre
6. Intermediality in the Education of Humanities
7. New Theories and Debates in Intermedial Studies

Proposals for papers, pre-constituted panels, or roundtables can be submitted by emailing the submission form (downloadable on as an attachment to with the subject line “Proposal 2018”. Deadline for submissions is June 15, 2018, and acceptances will be notified within two weeks of the proposal submission. The conference registration fee (meals included) for international participants is 160 EUR (100 EUR for graduate students). Payment options are to be announced. 

*Please note that the working language of the conference is English.
**The conference is co-hosted by the International Society of Intermedial Studies and Hangzhou Normal University.
***Hangzhou, the UNESCO World Heritage town, is easily reachable by train (within one hour) from Shanghai. The university will assist with hotel bookings, etc.