Arcadia University English Department Graduate Conference: the 19th Century and Gender & Sexuality

deadline for submissions: 
May 30, 2018
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Arcadia University English Department

Arcadia University English Department Graduate Conference: the 19th Century and Gender & Sexuality, hosted by the Arcadia University English Department


Deadline for Submission: May 30th, 2018

Registration Date: August 15, 2018

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Conference Date: Saturday, October 6, 2018

Location: Arcadia University, Glenside, PA


Call for Papers:


We are seeking proposals that take an intersectional approach to Gender and Sexuality and the Nineteenth Century--interpret this as broadly as you will. We welcome submissions rooted in literature, philosophy, history, political science, psychology, American studies, art history, anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies, as well as any other pertinent field. Though we are hosted by the English Department, we are not solely interested in presentations centered around literature. We invite traditional literature papers, but also papers looking at historical documents, collected and interpreted data, and social justice movements and collectives--to name a few. We encourage students from historically marginalized groups to submit and are hoping to receive submissions from first-time conference presenters, as well as more experienced students.


Suggested Topics Include:

  • Gender, Queer, and/or Transgender Theory in the 19th Century/its relationship to the 19th Century

  • Feminism and/or Feminist Theory in the 19th Century/its relationship to the 19th Century

  • Intersectional Approaches to 19th Century Literature

  • Development and Evolution of LGBTQIA+ Terminology

  • New Historic Approaches to 19th Century Literature

  • Gender Roles and Identity in the 19th Century

  • Concepts of Gendered Autonomy and Otherness in the 19th Century

  • Concepts of Masculinity, Femininity, and Gender and Sexual Fluidity in the 19th Century

  • Androgynous and Transgender Lived Individuals or Characters in the 19th Century

  • Concurrent Social Movements in the 19th Century (Slavery Abolition, Women’s Suffrage, etc)

  • Cultural Productions of the 19th Century (Objects, Archives, Performances, Activism, etc)

  • Queer Relationships (& Homodomesticity) and Collectives in the 19th Century

  • Gender and Sexuality in Urban and Rural Aesthetics and Politics in the 19th Century

Submission Guidelines:
Exceptional senior undergraduate (or upcoming senior undergraduate) and graduate students should send abstracts of no more than 300 words to the Arcadia University Conference Committee at by May 30, 2018. Please submit abstracts as .pdf or .docx attachments and not in the body of the email. In your abstract, include your name, pronouns, email address, institutional affiliation (if applicable), and the presentation’s current title. Please email us with any questions regarding submissions or check the conference website at . Once again, senior undergraduate students, graduate students at all levels, and independent scholars are welcome to submit.