CFP for Essay Collection: Frontiers: Cosmos, Curiosity, Creativity

deadline for submissions: 
August 31, 2018
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Aaron Ricker, McGill University
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CFP for Essay Collection: Frontiers: Cosmos, Curiosity, Creativity Cultures approach religious questions in ways informed by their cosmologies and vice versa. Traditions considered religious therefore interact closely with speculations about “the heavens,” the stars, and outer space in the imaginative work of world-building. The Frontiers collection highlights and investigates the significance of these interactions. Articles on topics including but not limited to the following themes:Astronomy and Belief Systems, Ancient and Modern  /// Shapes and Uses of Cosmic Questions  ///  Creativity and Critical Thinking vis-à-vis Big Questions and Wonder  ///  Speculation, (Science) Fiction and Religious Imagination, Ancient and Modern Guidelines: Please submit an abstract of 200 words or less. Articles must advance research-supported arguments addressing ongoing scholarly conversations. Works of advocacy or mere summary will not be considered. Submission Deadline for Proposals: August 31, 2018Contact: