Creative China: an Interdisciplinary Anthology

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May 25, 2018
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Kate Rose
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Call for Papers: Creative China

Anthology coordinated by Kate Rose, PhD, Professor at China University of Mining and Technology and Researcher with the International Center for Comparative Sinology

Please send an abstract, 300-800 words, by May 25, 2018 to

Complete contributions (3,000-6,000 words) by July 25, 2018 to

Creative Writing of any kind is welcome – please send an excerpt and brief explanation of how it pertains to any aspect of the themes below by May 25, and the full contribution by July 25 to

This anthology combines scholarly research with annotated creative writing, in a socio-literary perspective shedding light on contemporary China in the world. It discusses China in a comparative and interdisciplinary way, with particular attention to the fusion of Chinese and other cultures with regards to various art forms: theater, dance, visual arts, writing, poetry, and also architecture, fashion; but also other disciplines including philosophy, anthropology, history, science, medicine, martial arts, horticulture….  This broad range invites reflections on cultural hybridity and artistic expression, including the place of literature in society, how literature intersects with other disciplines and how this is relevant to cultural study.

We are pioneering a sociological and literary approach to China Studies today, with analysis of how the disciplines represented intersect and cross-pollinate. China’s influence on art and various forms of expression will be examined in light of how China has participated in shaping the world beyond, as well as hybrid traditions within China such as ethnic minorities. The immigrant experience, including both the Chinese diaspora and foreigners in China, will be prominent. Some leading questions in this celebration of voices from and about China include: How do Chinese forms of expression change according to the cultures they integrate? (This can range from martial arts and acupuncture, to food and social life.) How has China shaped and been shaped by other cultures? How do paradigms of Chinese thought act upon the world, notably through aesthetics? What is the specificity of Chinese expression and how does it blend (or not) in its own ways? What is China’s place in the global melting pot of artistic and cultural expression? Diaspora communities and marginal movements outside of China, women’s and youth literatures and popular culture are among additional topics of interest.

The goal is to bring together original, dynamic, thought-provoking work of high quality, representing a wide range of voices. In 2015, we held the First International Symposium on Comparative Sinology in Xuzhou, PRC, and published a book containing the contributions: China from where we stand: readings in comparative sinology (ed. Kate Rose), Cambridge Scholars Press, 2016. The current anthology seeks to broaden and deepen the focus of such comparative cultural research on China today.