Special Issue of South Central Review: #MeToo, Moving Forward

deadline for submissions: 
July 1, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
South Central Review

This special issue will focus on the #MeToo and adjacent movements (#TimesUp, #MuteRKelly, and others). It will examine the movement(s) in the past and present tenses, and think through the potential future implications of activism against sexual violence. Although they are an important part of thinking about/through the movement, we wish to avoid personal narratives and, instead, focus on academic accounts for this issue.

 Topics might include:

  • Relationship between #MeToo, #TimesUp, and #MuteRKelly movements, among others
  • Positioning of women who support the accused
  • Public trauma of victimhood
  • Men in the movement, the role of male victims and male allies
  • What it means to be LGBTQ+ in a movement coded as straight
  • Significance of hashtagging and other social media techniques
  • Due process and other legal implications for accuser and accused
  • Race and representation
  • Historical Precedent
  • Centrality of celebrity culture
  • Impact and looking ahead
  • Who can speak? Who remains silent?
  • Hollywood, wealth and privilege
  • Generations of victims, generations of activists
  • Politicization of sexual violence
  • Examination of public policy
  • Relationship of #MeToo and sexual violence to other violent discriminatory practices affecting young people, queer people, trans people, and people of color and the movements fighting those violent practices
  • Women and collectivity
  • Fictional and literary representations of #metoo
  • The roles of abusers, enablers, victims, and allies

Please submit 500-word abstracts (if selected, 6,500-8,000-word essays will be submitted by November 1), in Chicago style to guest editor Meghan Gilbert-Hickey at meghan.gilbert-hickey@guttman.cuny.edu. If selected, 6,500-8,000-word essays will be due by November 1.