Siri, Who Am I?

deadline for submissions: 
June 20, 2018
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April Durham, PhD, Legende Journal
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The fool's journey has been characterized as one that opens the seeker to the "infinite but self-disclosing mystery" of the soul (Wolf-Salin 2005). Current social discourse propelling discussions and enactments of gender fluidity and feminine empowerment coupled with the ubiquitous, problematic, and potential-filled documentation of the self on social media forms a situation where the most private of enterprises (interior discovery) is rendered a perpetual public act, surveilled, critiqued, and disseminated potentially by the entire world. In these conditions, the care of the self, or what Foucault described as an ongoing inquisitive process of subjectivity-making (Foucault 1978), is translated by means of networked aesthetics to a concatenated if not conflated practice of testing the self against the spongey, rubbery, reflexive matrix of the global community. Furthermore, these conditions raise questions of how the contemporary, networked fool, embarking upon a path of self-discovery, might encounter the mysteries of networked aesthetics as a way of constructing situated “truths” about the self in relation to the immediate and broader systems in which the seeker moves. How can the Instagram user, for example, obsessed with self-branding and potential market productivity, also craft subjectivity beyond the limits of the platform in which she travels?
Legende Journal, an online forum for art and ideas, proposes an issue that focuses on the young woman’s bildungsroman occurring within the mainstream but in tension with the larger currents of self-documentation on the range of social media platforms. The editors invite theoretically grounded papers of 5,000 to 7,000 words for the Fall 2018 issue, “Siri, Who Am I?” that considers the feminine self-journey and radical forms of subjectivity that emerge from the confines of Big Data, global capitalism, and hegemonic discussions of feminism. Papers that consider film, literature, art and contemporary media use are of particular interest. Areas to consider could include (but are not limited to) #metoo movement, feminism and trans-gender, post-apocalyptic literature and the feminine bildungsroman, network aesthetics and the care of the self. The Fall edition also will feature the first installment of a post-apocalyptic novel by A.W. Hill, self-portraits by filmmaker Sage Kolodziejski, and an interview with feminist scholar Rochelle K. Gold. Legende is a peer-reviewed, online journal published quarterly and in its second year of publication. It features carefully curated, innovative experiments with the topics of media, justice, love, and radicalism.
Please send completed manuscripts by June 20, 2018 to Please follow MLA guidelines with in-text citations. Selections will be made by July 9 with editorial review by July 20 and final drafts due by August 26.
Foucault, Michel. The Care of the Self: Volume 3 of the History of Sexuality. New York: Vintage, 1986.
Wolff-Stalin, Mary. Journey into Depth: the experience of initiation in monastic and Jungian training. Collegeville, MN: Litergical Press, 2005.