Embedding English: Literature and Writing in Every Field

deadline for submissions: 
August 1, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
New York College English Association
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This year’s New York College English Association annual conference will explore the intersection of English with other majors, fields, and disciplines. How does literature connect with different fields? How is writing essential to other majors? In what ways can literature and writing improve the work of students and professionals in all disciplines?

Proposals are welcomed to examine the influence of literature and writing within various fields, helping to enrich every aspect of our culture and society.

Please send 250 word abstracts to NewYorkCEA@gmail.com. The abstract deadline is August 1, 2018. See www.nycea.org for more!

Paper topics may address any aspect of this theme, such as:

-Literature’s role in classes in other disciplines

-Literature that illuminates aspects of work in other fields

-Collaborative teaching among English and other disciplines

-Assessing writing in courses other than English

-The value of leisure reading -Subject matter reading as literature

-Engaging students of all majors in reading and writing beyond the classroom

-Diversifying literature offerings to connect across the curriculum

-Expanding the canon across cultures -Using theory and critical analysis beyond literature class

-Incorporating alternate forms of literature and art in the classroom -Bringing professors from other disciplines into the English classroom

-Collaborative teaching

-Connecting non-majors to literature and writing

-Peer review, support, and mentoring across majors

-Effects of technology on the teaching of writing in all disciplines

-Highlighting literature and writing across campus