Imaginative Teaching: A User’s Guide to Creative Writing in Secondary Classrooms

deadline for submissions: 
August 31, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Amy Ash, Michael Dean Clark, Chris Drew


Amy Ash, Indiana State University

Michael Dean Clark, Azusa Pacific University

Chris Drew, Indiana State University


We are currently seeking contributions for Imaginative Teaching, an anthology of essays that provides pedagogical grounding for, and practical activities in, incorporating creative writing into the standards-driven secondary English/Language Arts classroom. Accordingly, we seek abstracts from creative writing teachers and pedagogues at both the secondary and postsecondary levels outlining essays focused on the history, pedagogy, and teaching of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, drama, or mixed media genres in ways relevant to secondary instruction.


Ideal abstracts will fit in one of three general categories:

  • first, accessible summaries of the history and current pedagogies of creative writing, especially as they relate to secondary instruction;

  • second, practical and activity-based pieces offering specific classroom practices that utilize creative writing;

  • third, pieces that explore ways to apply existing secondary creative writing approaches and activities beyond the classroom in settings such as community centers, prisons, retirement facilities, etc.


The second and third types of abstracts should reference personal experience and examples of relevant activities when applicable. Proposed articles in the first category should run approximately 3,500 words, while proposed articles in the second and third categories should run 2,000–2,500 words. Extra consideration will be given to projects that link to relevant state and/or national standards. Supplementary materials including course documents, assignments, or class handouts are encouraged, and should be referenced generally in the abstract. Reprints are acceptable if the editors are notified. All submissions should include a cover note with an author bio and the title of the essay.  Submissions must be sent to the editors by e-mail at imaginativeteaching2019@gmail.comby August 31, 2018.