UPDATE-- Deadline Extended for Girls' Literature Panel, IGSA

deadline for submissions: 
July 6, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
International Girls Studies Conference
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This prospective panel seeks papers for the International Girls Studies Association Conference, University of Notre Dame - Notre Dame, Indiana, USA
 - 28 February - 2 March, 2019. Our panel explores girls’ online reading practices and narrative sites of participation, broadly defined. Reading online involves the consumption of texts but also the production of meaning as a real-time in-kind response, which may include comments, reviews, fan homages, and correctives. The digital reading practices of girls, for example, can tell us much not only about their role as social media conduits but it can also shed light upon the status of literature itself in this born-digital milieu.  Taking the notion that girls have value beyond their role as cultural consumers as a given, the panel maintains that girls claim their very own literature, literature with a lower-case l but literature nonetheless, that crosses genre and platform and boundaries of authorship. The possibility for girl literature arises from a combination of market-driven imperatives and the flexibility of Web 2.0 authorship. Girl literature, characterized by girl-centered narratives and protagonists in more traditional formats, includes works authored by girls on Goodreads, YouTube, Instagram, and fan fiction sites. As the girl half of the 12-26-aged YA demographic does most of the reading both on and off the screen, this panel seeks to 1) map out the Web 2.0 arenas where girls perform their hybrid or prosumer reading, and 2) offer an analysis of girls’ digital reading practices in the light of contemporary reading theory.


Please submit a 250-word abstract and short bio to Leisha Jones (ljj4@psu.edu). I am looking for a couple of papers to round out the panel. The deadline for submission is July 6, 11:59pm.