NEMLA 2019: Water as Transcultural Space

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September 30, 2018
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Délice Williams | NEMLA 2019
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This year’s NEMLA conference includes focus on transnational spaces and “the complex processes of transculturation.” Since waterways such as oceans and rivers have historically been both media for and a contested sites of such processes, we invite panelists for a proposed session that will explore water and/as transcultural and transnational space. While we are particularly interested in exploring the cultural, political, and imaginative impulses that can work to turn waterways into transcultural spaces, we are equally interested in explorations of the forces that resist processes of transculturation. Papers that include discussions of environmental justice matters, or that examine representations of water in narratives of transcultural encounter from any epoch, are especially welcome. However, we also seek to organize a rich and robust conversation with scholars with a range of interests, genres and approaches. We imagine that topics such as hydropolitics in the global north and the global south, hydropoetics, piracy, travel, or the role of corporations in mediating and disrupting transcultural exchange, can all be put into fruitful conversation. Explorations of these and other topics need not be limited by a focus on “natural” waters and waterways: In addition to oceans, rivers, and streams, we invite panelists to consider human invented waterways can also be thought of as sites of transcultural encounter. We welcome papers from a range critical and disciplinary perspectives.


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