Hogarth in the 21st Century: Panel at NEMLA

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September 30, 2018
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Northeast Modern Language Association
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William Hogarth’s engravings invite us to view the streets, parlors, insane asylums, prisons and gambling houses of 18th-century London. Through his “modern moral subjects,” his satirical eye exposed hypocrisy, aristocratic excess and overwrought devotion to foreign artists. His influence can be seen in political cartoons, graphic novels and even cinema. This panel will discuss Hogarth’s place in 21st century culture. During this time that seems desperately to need keen, perspicacious satire, can we turn to Hogarth as a paragon? What can an artist so inextricably linked to 18th-century life teach us about ourselves? He clearly demonstrated a need for social change in his time, but do the issues that he decried remain as pervasive almost 300 years later?

Abstracts of up to 300 words must be submitted through the NEMLA by September 30: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/login

The 50th annual NeMLA conference will take place on March 21-24, 2019 in Washington, DC. For more information: http://www.buffalo.edu/nemla.htm

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