Transatlantic Longing: Memory and Nostalgia in Contemporary Spain and Latin America

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September 30, 2018
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
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Chair: José Pablo Barragán (University of North Carolina Wilmington)


It is no coincidence that, in the last couple of decades, the issues of memory and nostalgia have become central to the cultural production and the political conversation in our increasingly interconnected world. Critics such as Andreas Huyssen, Svetlana Boym or Zygmunt Bauman have characterized our age as one obsessed with memory, as an age suffering from an epidemic of nostalgia that has emerged, at least partially, as a defense mechanism in a time of accelerated rhythms of life and historical turmoils. Spain and Latin America have not been immune to this fascination, as pointed out by critics such as Manuel Cruz, José Luis Pardo, Elizabeth Jelin, Steve J. Stern and Beatriz Sarlo, among many others. 

This panel will discuss the issues of memory and nostalgia in the contemporary cultural and literary production of Spain and Latin America, paying special attention to approaches that adopt a transatlantic perspective and/or intercultural and cross-cultural theoretical frameworks. More particularly, this panel will examine how the concepts of memory and nostalgia are used by authors and artists to reinforce or challenge traditional notions of progress, territory, and history; how they respond to and intertwine with broader issues such as globalization and multiculturalism, immigration and diaspora, or trauma and resistance; and how they reshape and redefine the limits of both identity and cultural production in our contemporary societies.

We especially welcome papers that adopt a transatlantic perspective and/or use intercultural and cross-cultural theoretical frameworks that are appropriate to examine how memory and nostalgia respond to and intertwine with the contemporary issues of globalization, transculturation, or hybridization.

Submissions accepted in English and Spanish.


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