Journal of American Culture

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September 28, 2018
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Journal of American Culture
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The Journal of American Culture is seeking contributors.  In keeping with its long-standing tradition, the journal will showcase articles on the Americas, especially those addressing broad and substantive cultural issues.


While the journal frequently will include research on entertainment media and the popular arts that so effectively characterize life in the Americas in the twenty-first century, it also will provide a steady and wide-ranging forum for aesthetic, historical, sociological, and ethical inquiries into the diverse cultures of the Americas, representing various times, places, and orientations.  The journal is meant to be a useful resource, with articles written in accessible language and reflecting interdisciplinary approaches and comparative analyses that will be of interest to the American Culture Association’s diverse membership.


Authors should submit papers in the most current MLA style with a works cited page and a minimum of endnotes. Electronic submissions, sent in Microsoft Word via e-mail attachments to, are preferred. However, we will also accept two copies of the paper for the peer-review process, as well as a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you want them returned. Upon acceptance of your work, you will be required to submit the material electronically via e-mail attachment. Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication must subscribe to JAC for at least one year at the time of acceptance. Subscription includes membership in the American Culture Association.


This journal has a long and distinguished history.  Please join us as we continue toward our aim of making The Journal of American Culture the definitive journal in its field.


Carl H. Sederholm


Brigham Young University

3008 B JFSB

Provo, Utah 84602