Disability and the Academic Job Market

deadline for submissions: 
September 30, 2018
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Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA) 2019

Securing a position as a fulltime tenure track professor is difficult but even more so for people with a disability. Despite an increased call for applicants from marginalized populations, people with a disability are more quickly eliminated as potential candidates for fulltime positions, either through direct discrimination or from ablest conventions of the job interview process.

This interdisciplinary panel will explore various issues, both impediments and aid, related to navigating the fulltime college and university job search for people with a disability. While personal experience is valuable, topics should be worked towards a more generalized discussion of specific issues facing people with disabilities while on the market. Allies without a disability are also welcome to add their perspective and expertise.

Participants might address issues like:


1.     Neurodiversity and its impact on job interview performance

2.     Disability and entering specific fields

3.     The campus interview, traveling, and physical disabilities

4.     The uncanny valley and the social nature of the job application process

5.     To declare a disability and when

6.     When is it discrimination and how do you know?

7.     Affording the MLA interview on disability income

8.     Technology and the application process

9.     Fitting into the workplace; and more…


NeMLA 2019 will be in Washington, DC, March 21–24, 2019.

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