Women Filmmakers Around the Globe

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August 10, 2018
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Society for Cinema & Media Studies
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Call for Abstracts for Proposed Panel (Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Seattle 2019)

Proposed Panel: Women Filmmakers Around the Globe


Of late, there is a decided increase in the attention toward women’s contributions to culture and media, both in the popular press and academic literature. Numerous writers have documented historical achievements, contemporary struggles, everyday lived experiences, and cultural and societal triumphs of women’s experiences, particularly in screen media.

There is solidarity across the globe for women screen media workers, as more women become aware of the ways in which their own experiences mirror those of others; yet each situation or case is powerfully unique. Each operates within a specific cultural context that defines the industry and the opportunities for working within that industry.

This panel aims to present a contemporary snapshot of women’s roles in screen media production around the globe. As such, the panel will encompass a truly global scope, and seeks submissions from authors around the world writing about women’s experiences in film around the world.

Possible topics may include (but are not limited to) any of the following:

  • Women in creative/leadership roles: directors, producers, writers, etc.

  • Women in crew roles, both traditionally “feminine” (casting, makeup) and not (grips, etc)

  • Considerations of intersectionality and the impact thereof on production practices, opportunities; race/ethnicity, sexuality, gender, age, ability, etc.

  • Different formats of film: documentary, shorts, experimental, narrative; online media formats such as web series

  • Women working in mainstream vs independent film industry

  • Financing models, challenges, opportunities, including funding programs geared specifically for women filmmakers

  • Coproductions or other international collaborations

  • Discrimination faced by women in film

  • Impact of gendered responsibilities of women (i.e., domestic labor) on film production and women’s opportunities therein

  • Specific cultural or national contexts that create/exacerbate challenges for women, or that improve conditions for women


Email an abstract and bio to Dr. Mary Erickson (mary.erickson@wwu.edu) by August 10, 2018. The resulting accepted papers will constitute a panel that will be submitted to the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference in March 2019 in Seattle, USA. Please follow the abstract submission guidelines for SCMS: titles of 120 characters, abstracts of 2500 characters, and bios of 500 characters. Acceptance to this panel does not ensure acceptance to SCMS. More information about SCMS is available at: https://www.cmstudies.org/page/call_for_submissions.