Fictional Representations of Translators and Theories on Their Work

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September 4, 2018
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Erin Riddle / Northeast Modern Language Association
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This is a call for papers for session participants at the Northeast Modern Language Association's anniversary convention in Washington, DC, March 21-24. General details about the conference can be found at . The title of this session is "Fictional Representations of Translators and Theories on Their Work."

The field of translation studies and thereby the role of translators and their work has gained increasing recognition over the last few decades. As a result, the figure of the translator has likewise garnered increasing attention as a central figure in the process of cross-cultural and international distribution of ideas and information. However, much like translation theory (which can be found in writing from ancient Greek philosophers), fictional representations of translators and their work, along with metaphors representing theories of translation, are nothing new.

This panel aims to explore fictional representations of translation and translators in literary works. Translation theory and practice can serve as a lens for examining themes related to the human experience. Presentations may include examples of translation practice, metaphors which represent concepts in translation theory, or the experiences of translators and their work. Ultimately participants in this panel will consider the way that translation theory or practicing translators and their experiences are represented in fiction. In addition, such analysis will also indicate what these fictional representations reveal about the way that translators and their work are regarded and valued or, unfortunately, devalued.

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Erin Riddle