Deadline Extended: Spenser's Ethics (RSA 2019)

deadline for submissions: 
August 1, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
Renaissance Society of America/International Spenser Society

Spenser's Ethics Where should we look in Spenser’s writing to reconstruct the poet’s ethics? Or a Spenserian ethic? Should we look to the legendary virtues that organize the books of The Faerie Queene? To the various forms that his fictions take? To the figures of speech through which he constructs (and reconstructs) ideas and conceptual categories? To the kinds of readers and readings his work has attracted and/or fashioned? This panel seeks papers that investigate the tension between the requirements we bring to the texts and authors we champion and the capacity for writing to shape our evaluations. Possible topics include, but are not limited to: models for judgment; prescription; resistance; presentism; form and obligation; the shaping of character; habit; crisis management. Please submit the following materials to Colleen Rosenfeld ( by August 1 to be considered for inclusion: paper title; abstract (150-word maximum); 3-5 keywords; and a one-page abbreviated curriculum vitae (300-word maximum). Please note that RSA is very strict about word count: the system will not accept entries that go beyond the maximum limit.