Flannery O'Connor Society @ 2019 Louisville Conference

deadline for submissions: 
September 6, 2018
full name / name of organization: 
The Flannery O'Connor Society
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Flannery O’Connor Society Call for Papers:
2019 Louisville Conference

The Flannery O’Connor Society seeks proposals for a pre-organized panel at the 2019 Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture after 1900, taking place February 21st-23rd, 2019, in Louisville, Kentucky. 

The panel is open-topic, but the following areas are of special interest:

• O’Connor’s influence by and/or on other authors 

• O’Connor and popular culture

-O'Connor's treatment of racism, particularly in light of Toni Morrison's recent reading of O'Connor in THE ORIGIN OF OTHERS.

• The treatment of gender in O’Connor’s fiction 

-O'Connor and Public Humanities

• Teaching sensitive topics—e.g., racism, sexism, sexuality, violence—in O’Connor 

• A Prayer Journal and/or other materials from Emory University’s MARBL collection

• Readings of O’Connor in light of Trumpian politics


Please send proposals (300 words) to Matt Bryant Cheney at the following email address by Thursday September 6, 2018: mbryantcheney@cn.edu.